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You Are Never Too Old To Be Published

There is a prevailing belief that you must publish when in your 20s or 30s or you will never be published. There are many authors who publish for the first time later in life. I was in my mid-fifties when my book of short stories, 11 Stories on the Go, was published. Sue Monk Kidd was 53 when her novel The Secret Life of Bees was first published. It became a bestseller and later a movie. 

The seed of an idea for Angelina Boulley's young-adult thriller was sown when she was only 18, but she was in her mid-fifties before her book, Firestarter’s Daughter was published. She tweeted "I'm 55. #NeverGiveUp." .Author  Richard Adams. was 52 when his first book, Watership Down was published. It became an instant success and is considered a modern classic. So, don't ever tell yourself you're too old to publish, it isn’t true.

Important: Never discard ideas. Store them in a file. Dig them out from time to time. There may be the beginnings of a bestseller!   

The style of writing in my first novel ten years ago is completely different to the style I write in today. Think of the life experiences you’ve had between 18 and 55! (or whatever age you are) All of them most likely worth writing about. 

What I want to convey in today's post is that you are never too old to complete a dream, to reach for success. We all know that whatever we practice becomes better, and so it is with writing.

The important thing is to keep that dream close, don't give up. Pursue it until you can hold onto it and share it with the world. You'll need patience and perseverance, two keywords for writers.

 Creative Writing Prompt

A Picture/photo or painting

Choose one of the above. Look at the picture/photo/painting in great detail, location, people etc. Are they sitting or standing? Smiling or not? What are they wearing? What are the colours? Spend at least five minutes looking at the picture/photo/painting. Now turn it face down on the table or against the wall. NOW WRITE DOWN as much detail as you can remember for ten minutes – Next, turn over your picture/photo/painting and look at it again. How much did you recall? How much did you miss? – This exercise is for your recall. Important for your picture building in your mind which is SO important in our writing.

“A writer paints a picture with words. How else is a reader to know what is in your mind?”   Sandra Turner